Ree Medina's Magical World of Soft Sculpture & Mixed Media Art
Ree Medina's Magical World of Soft Sculpture & Mixed Media Art

Who is Ree Medina

      You mean to tell me the whole world does not know? Ahem, yes that's jumping the gun a bit I suppose isn't it, tsk on me! 

Well then, you must pull up a cozy chair, have a friendly cup of tea with me, and let me tell you!

I was born 1973 in Philadelphia, PA., to two incredible parents whom blessed me with the most beautiful childhood a little girl could hope for. My Daddy was just about the most amazing and talented person you could ever meet and was such a creative man, which is where I believe I inherited my artistic gift from. My Momma, while not domesticated or creative, never passed up the chance to play dolls with me when I was a little girl, which is where I believe my strong love for dolls comes from. Put those two together and here I am as Tipsy Teacup Creations.


As written above, I truly do believe my heritage contributed a great bit to my creative skills and love of dolls, but I have to tell you a secret. I came across soft sculpting accidentally. Yes, can you believe it, I said accidentally! Let me tell you the story!


After my darling Siamese cat Mable decided to attack one of my childhood handmade dolls I frantically decided I had to figure out a way to fix her. I started to thoroughly look at her and examine how she was made. I had it in my head that I would not stop until she was back to her original glory and, you know what, I did it. I had her back to her precious self in no time. Needless to say, after that magical repair I was hooked on soft sculpture and the art of doll making. I have extensively studied the soft sculpture art form and have self taught myself since that fateful day in 2004. I even managed to make friends with a sewing machine or two. I will never stop learning or trying to improve my skills no matter how many years go by and I look forward to each and every new adventure. 

While I do so love all kinds of art and dolls, the art of soft sculpture has quickly become my artistic outlet and sole creative passion. I am thrilled to be able to relive my childhood, as well and my little boy's childhoods, and share my works with you! You will notice that I have a huge range of interests which, without a doubt, shine through via my creations.


Now, lets talk about the name Tipsy Teacup Creations! A very fun and interesting name is it not, and it just could not fit me better. Truly, I am tipsy enough for two people! My hair color may change several times a year but under it all I am true natural sandy blond and loving it!


Next to that, life really does tend to throw major tips our way, but somehow someway we manage to keep that pile of teacups stacked, thanks to God for that!


Last but not least, I had a beautiful childhood full of smiles which contained many a beautiful tea party with my dollies inspired by none other then the Mad Hatter himself. These memories are priceless and I love that I am able to let them live even more through my creations. 


So you see, it was the perfect choice! 

I now reside in beautiful Florida with my amazing husband Michael and our family.

Life is good!


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